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Let Go


The Art of Dying. Beyond our mind, what are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? Relax, Trust, and Let Go is a love story that guides us to a place our souls find truth and perfection. The passion of lovers Melissa and Nadeen is born in “Buddha Grove,” a marble expanse crowned by stars they call the “Centre of the Universe.” They meet there to meditate, and from the beginning, Nadeen knows their relationship will be unique.


Powerful and wise, Melissa confesses she wants to live consciously, in trust and expansion. “I want ‘to live vertically,’” she declares, “experiencing life as Presence … instead of ‘horizontally,’ seeing life as a series of day-to-day events.” As a life-long seeker of truth, Nadeen shares her desire. 


Suddenly, life accepts their challenge: Melissa is diagnosed with a brain tumour. While living in day-to-day reality, she rises above ego, and becomes true Presence. Needing help with even life’s basic activities, Melissa emanates the innocence and light of a child. Nadeen meets adversity head on—living vertically, he experiences the essence of life and embraces the mystery of death. Together, Nadeen and Melissa discover they truly are dancing together at the Centre of the Universe.


über die Hingabe an die Liebe, das Leben und den Tod


What people say...


A written story that could have been very sad, but that nevertheless has not left me with a bitter taste, but has reminded me once again of the gift of life and the importance of walking this path in a conscious and true way. 


By the way,  „“Relax trust and let go" has become my favourite mantra, Thank you for this story of life and death that has touched my heart. 

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