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Syncronicity - Module 2; Energy reading training - Greece, July 23 - 25

Location: Osho Afroz Lesvos, Greece

Date: July 23 - 25 2023

Everyone who has participated in Synchronicity – Module 1, is welcome to join. You already learned the basics and now you can deepen the exploration and wonders of the world of energy.

With this Module the actual training starts. We will discover and explore subtle body energies, layers of the chakras, and suchness. The techniques we will use are to help liberate and free our life energy. During the workshop, you will strengthen the qualities of your heart and you will be introduced to Osho's Map and underdtanding of the chakras. This is a scientific awareness tool which we will use as a guideline for going deeper into reading different energies.

Certainly meditation is the foundation and we will practice several forms. As in the last course, this will be a gym for the heart and beyond. We will explore different layers of the heart, in order to understand and deepen the skills of a short heart reading. We will train our senses to recognise the other person's state. Deepening the practice of Synchronicity, this technique can help us see the direction we need to move, in order to support the most our being, as well as others.

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