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Nadeen Eilert Rössler

Nadeen has had a passion for exploring his inner world since he was a child. That calling to discover the most authentic and intimate part of his being has accompanied him his whole life and still remains very
much alive.

Born in Germany, he learned from various inspiring teachers while traveling in Europe, North Africa, and Asia, but it was in Tibet where he first experienced something that changed the direction of his life:
he caught the unmistakable fragrance of meditation from the people he met there -- the open, centered aliveness, trust, and strength that comes from having an understanding of the inner realms.

Motivated by this discovery, he traveled to Nepal to deepen his experience in meditation. Just when he was about to become a monk, he discovered the vision of Osho: that rather than renouncing life, he could live fully and joyfully in the world by using it as a learning ground for deepening his meditation, gaining real life experiences and bringing consciousness into daily life.

Over 35 years on this path, Nadeen has been part of several meditation schools, while running a successful international business. He has been trained in a wide variety of therapies and meditation techniques,
including energy reading, breathwork, family constellation, gestalt, hypnosis, and many more. He is trained to facilitate all of the OSHO Meditative Therapies as well he is the founder of the Osho Institute for Meditative Living. And he has published the book, “Relax, Trust, and Let Go.”

With warmth and a uniquely supportive presence, Nadeen now offers his experience in meditation and inner exploration to people seeking to move past what’s in the way of living their life more fully. The foundations of his work with people are centering in the heart and opening to one’s own wisdom and to a fundamental trust in oneself, beyond one’s established patterns.

He is a lead facilitator at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, and facilitates trainings and workshops all around the world. He also offers individual sessions and long-term coaching programs.

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