Nadeen Eilert Rössler

Born in a small town in central Germany, Nadeen has a passion for exploring the inner worlds that was ignited in him as a child. Introspective and extremely creative, he spent hours building houses and spaces filled with fantasy, which took him on a journey through the recesses of his own inner abode. 


That calling to discover the most authentic and intimate part of his being has accompanied him his whole life and still remains very much alive. 


He studied Art at university and received the teachings of various spiritual teachers in his youth, but it was in Tibet where he found a treasure that would mark his life forever: “the inebriating perfume of the Presence”. With the remarkable monks in the monastery who he had the privilege of meeting, he came into contact with a quality that he had yet to perceive in any other human being: an infinite strength in the deepest serenity and a total groundedness in the present moment. 


Motivated by this discovery, he travelled to Nepal and deepened his experience in Transcendental Meditation. But just when he was about to become a monk, another unexpected encounter would change his course forever. Osho’s presence began to resonate in his being, and his intuition whispered that he had to meet the master before he left his body. He thus arrived at Osho’s ashram in Puna, intent on staying only three days but remained there for five years.


What he was given to see and experience exceeded all his expectations. There he was able to discover how all the intensity of Life, the sensations of the body, dance, laughter and celebration, not only did these things need not to be rejected, but they could also be a means for reaching the truth of our true being. In the eye of the hurricane, there is a place of stillness and silence. Life and Meditation were fused for the first time in perfect harmony. 


This tantric vision of reality penetrated deeply into his being and became his path for more than 25 years. 


Back then, Puna was a hotbed of spiritual investigation and human development. Scholars, meditators, sages and artists from all over the world gathered there to research all facets of the human being in what was called Osho Multiversity. He was an active participant, dedicating himself to Mystery Schools and other disciplines such as Energy Reading, Kinesiology, Tantra, Zen and Breathwork, among others.  


He then moved to Sedona to be part of a closed experimental group on the integration of Esoteric Science in daily life. In those times, he further explored the interconnectedness of all the different fragments of our mind and how they communicate and condition our life.


After 20 years of intense exploration, Nadeen came to the realisation that at some point, all Knowledge, School, Training or Technique must be put aside to face the very reality of existence: opening our senses and living the present moment fully, “drinking” it in to receive its full potential.  


Back in Puna, he became a lead facilitator in Osho Active Meditations and Osho Meditative Therapies. It was then that an unexpected event was to change his life forever: his girlfriend Melissa was diagnosed with brain cancer. This time life was inviting him to face man’s own deepest fear: death.


The experience of Melissa’s tough illness, which he recounts in his emotional book: “Relax… Trust… and Let Go!”, took him way beyond any sense of personal limitation and helped him to come in contact with a deeper, bigger reality hidden underneath every act, episode, joy or tragedy that we experience. Relaxation and Trust in the inner wisdom of the Heart and the perfection of existence became key in his work with groups and individuals.


Nadeen now puts his 35 years of experience in Meditation and deep inner exploration at the service of people seeking their own inner truth at conferences and workshops given all around the world and in individual sessions, tinted by his warmth and supportive presence.